133% Matching Deposit Online Casino Bonus

Added: November 27, 2015

You have certainly seen all sorts of bonuses and promotions out there among all of the online casinos that are desperately trying to lure you in. Yet every now and then a different sort of online casino breaks the mold so to speak and does something a bit differently.

In this case the difference is in the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is in the form of a 133% matching deposit bonus. This matching deposit bonus is good all the way up to AU$133.00. Okay, fair enough, but is there anything going on at this online casino that you should know about? Absolutely. Read on to learn more.

By the way, this is all happening over at Omni Casino. If by chance you have not a spin or two at Omni Casino you are about to learn what you have been missing. Start with the stunning graphics and animations. Perhaps that is no so surprising when you learn that Omni Casino is powered by Playtech Software. By now you know full well that Playtech is the software that powers some of the world’s best online casino sites.

In this case you want to be on the lookout for the online casino games that come with 3D graphics. The 3D graphics may in fact leave you speechless; the quality is just that good. Of course with that sort of focus on the graphics you can just imagine what a great online casino experience is waiting for you.

Another interesting feature you will appreciate about Omni Casino is the flexibility built into your online casino action. You have the choice of a download version of Omni Casino or of playing right there in the browser window. That being said, you already know full well that the online casino gameplay is much more exciting, not to mention more engaging in the download version.

That being said, you will want to note that there are currently about 160 online casino games for you to enjoy. Admittedly, this is a bit smaller list than some other online casino sites. That being said, how many online casino games could you possibly play anyway? At least Omni Casino is offering a more realistic number of online casino games to choose from.

By the way, if you should happen to be an online pokie fan, you will certainly appreciate the online pokies here at Omni Casino. All things considered, maybe you stop by and check out Omni Casino.