2 New Online Pokies To Check Out

Added: August 18, 2016

First of all, understand that these new online pokies are designed by none other than Net Entertainment (NetEnt). As you probably know, NetEnt casino games are found in the very best online gambling sites all over the world. In other words, when you learn that NetEnt has released not one, but two new exciting pokie games, you know without even looking that you are in for a treat.

For the record, these new online pokie casino games are first showing up at Bet365 Vegas Casino. Chances are that you know something about BEt365 Vegas Casino. Anyway, enough of that, time to take a look at the new pokies.

The first new online pokie is named NRVNA. Perhaps you chanced upon some mention of NRVNA recently. The fact of the matter is that NRVNA did a sort of pre launch preview a few weeks before the scheduled release. More to the point, the first thing you will notice when you show up to a NRVNA game is that the theme seems to resemble the class Starburst casino game.

The difference is that NRVNA is a bit more involved. More involved as in offering up no less than 30 paylines. For the record, Starburst offers but 10 paylines. Note that NRVNA is setup so that the 30 paylines are fixed. That means that your minimum possible stake with any spin is set to AU$0.30. In addition, look closely and you will soon discover that NRVNA also includes a multiplier feature that can award you with 3,220 times your wager.

Next up, the other new online pokie released by NetEnt is named Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune. Rather intriguing name wouldn’t you agree? As you might well expect from the name itself, Theme Park is based on an amusement park background with numerous rides and attractions. You will certainly appreciate the cartoon characters and animations that bring Theme Park to life.

Understand that Theme Park is setup as a 5 reel pokie that offers 50 possible paylines with each and every spin. Better still, note that Theme Park is designed with a number of bonus features, many of them based upon the various fairground ride animations scattered throughout the game. Interestingly, Theme Park also includes a bonus game that is triggered when you happen to land three golden tickets.

Bottom line? NetEnt has done it again, delivering not one, but two new exciting online pokie games to enjoy.