50,000 Coin Online Pokie Jackpot

Added: October 8, 2015

Yes, you read that number up there correctly. That was not a typo, not at all. You see, there is an online pokie out there that is set up so that you and you alone can decide how much or how little to wager on each and every spin. Unlike some of those other online pokies you may have taken a spin at in the past, this one puts the control right there in your hands. In other words, you can think of it as being just like one of those older analog radio volume controls. Do you remember those? Recall it was basically a round knob that you turned one way or the other to turn up or turn down the volume.

And that is exactly what this online pokie lets you do. Feeling lucky? Want to put down a bit more on your next spin? Simply dial up your wager. Of course, it works the same way in reverse. The last few spins left you hanging? Not wanting to risk quite so much? Simply dial down the size of your bet. Pretty cool huh?

This is but the very beginnings of what you will come to know and enjoy at an online pokie by the name of Clash of the Titans. Note this is a fast moving sort of game, with more or less constant pokie action.

For the record, Clash of the Titans is a product of Microgaming. Yes, the very same online casino software development company that is known around the world for its top notch online casino games. Clash of the Titans is a prime example of why so many savvy online gambling operators continue to choose Microgaming.

Moving on to the game itself, note that the Clash of the Titans uses stunning animations and graphics. Watch out for the game logo itself as it serves as a wild symbol. Just as you would expect, this wild symbol has the ultimate power, it can stand for any of the other symbols on the reels. But there is more. This wild symbol also has the power to act as a multiplier that can and does double your winnings.

Another symbol to be on the lookout for is Medusa. Medusa serves as your scatter symbol. When you see three Medusa symbols that means you have 15 free spins right then and there. But get this: all of those free spins that end up as winners are then multiplied by a factor of four. Wow! No wonder Clash of the Titans is drawing in more and more online pokie fans.