A Callout To All Pokie Fans

Added: February 2, 2017

If in fact, you are more likely than not to be found in the pokie section of your favorite online gambling site, then you will want to pay close attention to what follows. You see, there is an online pokie casino game that is fast becoming the talk of the online gambling world.

Why so, what is so special about this online pokie? Aren’t all pokies pretty much the same? A fair question, to be sure. Yet as you are about to learn, this pokie could quite fairly be described as breaking the mold when it comes to pokie action.

Start with the fact that this online pokie is not in fact the product of those big name online casino software companies such as Playtech, Microgaming and the like. No indeed. Instead, this pokie is the proud creation of an online casino software company you may not have yet heard about.

The name to remember here is that of Quickspin. Although the name Quickspin is not so well known in and around the online casino world, the casino games produced by Quickspin Gaming are of world class quality. Quickspin is an online casino software development company headquartered in Sweden best known for their self description of having a “burning passion for gaming and a love of gambling”.

That sort of passion can clearly be seen in this online pokie. Take the time to note the name of this pokie, that of Sevens High. When you first arrive at Sevens High, you may find yourself stunned and amazed at the quality of the display. In truth, you can really only appreciate the quality of the graphics and animations on an HD display.

The next thing you will spot is that Sevens High is a five reel online pokie set up with three rows. Sevens High is configured so that there are no less than 25 possible paylines available to you with each and every spin.

In keeping with its name, all of the symbols you will experience with Sevens High are of the traditional nature. For example, there are blue, green and red seven symbols. More importantly perhaps, is the bonus feature associated with the Wild Meter. The Wild Meter can be found on the left side of the reels and is a real time tracking of your wins. Better still, when you finally see the Wild Meter go all the way to the top, you will see that now means every seven symbol is now a wild.

As you can see from the above, Sevens High is an online pokie you will want to experience for yourself.