A Mobile Online Pokie You Need To Know About

Added: January 21, 2016

If like quite a number of online casino players from Australia you prefer the thrill and excitement of online pokie action, there is a rather fascinating online poke designed for mobile devices you will want to check out for yourself.

Start with the fact that this online pokie is the creation of none other than the online casino software powerhouse Microgaming. As you probably know, Microgaming provides some of the world’s best online casino software and online casino games. This online pokie shows up with the enticing name Riviera Riches.

Right away you will readily appreciate that Riviera Riches is a five reel online pokie. The first thing to note about Riviera Riches is that this online pokie sports a theme that brings to mind images of a glamorous higher end casino with a taste of the high roller lifestyle. Some have even stated that the theme with Riviera Riches communicates the idea of elegance. So that is what you need to know about the theme with Riviera Riches.

However, all of that being said, Riviera Riches is fascinating for another reason that may not be immediately obvious to you. You see, Riviera Riches is actually two online casino games combined into one great online casino experience. Take a look for yourself:

Part number one of Riviera Riches is all about the classic 5 reel 15 payline online pokie action. As you might well expect with the theme of Riviera Riches, the symbols all depict stunning images of wealthy pokie players and massive wins. But get this; there is a hidden feature in Riviera Riches. This hidden feature is a bonus like no other online casino bonus you have seen.

You see, once triggered, this hidden bonus allows you to play no less than a full game of Roulette. Yes, you read that correctly. There is a hidden game of Roulette that shows up as a surprise bonus with your online pokie play with Riviera Riches. You will know that you are about to enjoy a round of roulette when you spot the roulette wheel anywhere along the five reels. When that happens, the screen suddenly transforms itself into a fully functioning roulette wheel. How many online pokie games do you know that can proudly boast that there is a hidden game of Roulette insider? Not so many.

That may be reason that Riviera Riches continues to be one of the most popular online pokie games.