Ban On Illegal Online Gambling Sites?

Added: December 17, 2015

Not so much. As you are undoubtedly well aware, there is a move underfoot by some do good politicians to put a stop to what they call illegal online casino sites. The issue is that although it is clear there are offshore online gambling sites that clearly target the Australian online casino player there is a lack of consensus on how to handle the matter.

The viewpoint from the elected officials seems to be to require so called Internet companies to block access to these online gambling sites. Yet in a strongly worded response, the Digital Industry Group made it quite clear that the very idea is not practical. In case you have not heard of this organization before now, the Digital Industry Group includes a impressive roster of members. For example, the members are a virtual who’s who in the digital world with names such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Yahoo. In other words, when the Digital Industry Group comes out with a statement on what can and what cannot work in terms of online gambling sites you can rest assured the statement should be taken seriously.

So what did the Digital Industry Group have to say about restricting access to illegal offshore online casinos? In brief, the answer came down to a proclamation that any sort of attempt at restricting online access to online gambling sites is both problematic from a technology perspective and unprecedented from a legal perspective.

On one hand the Digital Industry Group was quick to point out that there is no legal precedent in Australia for this sort of requirement. The group was quoted as saying: “…the integrity of racing and sports in Australia could be better maintained with the stronger enforcement of existing laws. The Australian betting and gambling industry should not be looking to the digital industry to solve these problems.”

There’s more. From a technology perspective, the idea is unworkable. According to the Digital Industry Group: “….there are fundamental flaws and significant practical difficulties with any attempts to filter the Internet such that it may not be possible to automatically block content”. In other words, just because a politician decrees that it should be done does not mean that it can be done.

As you can quite clearly see from the above, recent political rhetoric about cutting off access to so called illegal online casinos is just not a good idea, no matter how you look at it.