Best Online Pokie Out There?

Added: April 21, 2016

If you are any sort of fan of online pokie games at all you must have come across the online pokie that continues to receive the highest and best pokie ratings. The online pokie by the name of Hitman, that is. In the off chance you have not yet taken a spin at Hitman, read on to learn all about an enticing combination of a not to be missed intriguing theme, pokie game play that is so compelling as to be almost addictive and of course quite a number of opportunities to walk away with a fairly sizable prize.

The first thing you will want to do is to meet the main character in Hitman. This online pokie hero in Hitman goes by the name Agent 47. If you have any memory of the better video games out there you will recall that Hitman was quite the compelling video game which went on to become a movie. In the video game, Agent 47 is tasked with “taking out” some undesirable characters.

By contrast, in Hitman, the online pokie, Agent 47 is now tasked with the job of tracking and hunting down the big jackpots. One feature you will readily appreciate with the online pokie Hitman is that your online gameplay starts with a brief movie that clues you into what is about to unfold before your eyes.

As you might well expect from an online pokie that is based on both a video game and a movie, the images are vivid and quite stunning in appearance. Take note of the fact that when you see more than one image of one of the various Hitman weapons symbols line up on the reels you have some cold hard cash coming your way. Of course the amount of winnings with your name on them a result of which symbols line up as well as the amount of your wager.

Another feature you will certainly appreciate with Hitman is that there are a number of special features built into this online pokie. Take for example the symbol for Agent 47. The Agent 47 is in fact a wild symbol. Yet Agent 47 also has a special feature built in. When Agent 47 shows up on the 3rd reel, you will see Agent 47 expand vertically to cover the entire 3rd reel. That means now Agent 47 is acting as a wild symbol to setup winning paylines on multiple paylines.

Naturally there is quite a bit more to Hitman, but now you have the basics of this online pokie. Look for Hitman at your favorite online casino.