Blackjack On Steroids

Added: March 19, 2015

As an online casino fan you are most likely well aware that the traditional game of Blackjack continues to be a wildly popular game choice for both beginners and old timers alike. Even so, there are some out there that are looking to provide tweaks and upgrades to the online gambling experience.

One such company goes by the name of Engaging Table Games and is headquartered in Perth. The online casino game development team decided to take a good hard look at the game of Blackjack. They asked themselves if there were any enhancements or upgrades to the game of Blackjack that might make it even more enticing. The development team were looking at two different types of online casino players. Those that are already familiar with the game of Blackjack and might have gotten bored with the game and those that may not have quite so much experience with Blackjack but are looking for some sort of new online casino action.

The result is what Engaging has named “Luckys13 Blackjack”. Now be warned right up front; this is not your father’s Blackjack at all. Take a look at what this is all about.

Luckys13 Blackjack brings some what may be called revolutionary concepts to the table. Try this one on for size: the standard deck of cards is tossed aside. Instead, Luckys13 uses a deck of 64 cards. The extra cards consist of 11, 12 and 13. Of course each of these cards come in all four suits. Note, these cards are quite different from the face cards of Jack, Queen, and King.

Here’s how the game play works. Now that the cards are valued this way, a player can actually go over and bust from the very beginning with the first two cards. At the same time, there is what is called a Protection Side bet that can be placed as insurance against this sort of scenario. The bet pays 5 to 1 on a two-card total from 22 to 25. Bet this, the bet will pay 40 to 1 if there are two 13 dealt. Better still, if the dealer happens to have a a face card of 13, the payout is also multiplied by 5. As you can see, there are more opportunities to win big with this Blackjack variation.

At first, the gameplay may look unusual and perhaps even a bit intimidating for newcomers. Yet, according to the general manager of Engaging, the Luckys13 blackjack game was developed based on the company’s core principles of simple, playable and awesome.

Best if you check this one out for yourself. Look for Luckys13 to be coming to your favorite online casino in the near future.