Could This Be A New Era For Aussie Online Gambling Sites?

Added: January 19, 2017

That is in fact the question being posed by quite a number of online casino industry observers, both in and out of Australia. In the off chance that you missed the announcement, understand that there is a long awaited and much anticipated review of South Australia gambling laws on the calendar. As you probably know full well, the South Australia gambling laws currently on the books is more of hodge podge rules and restrictions that oftentimes conflict with each other.

For the record, this comprehensive review is being undertaken by none other than former Supreme Court Justice Tim Anderson. You may recall that name since it was Anderson who only just recently completed an exhaustive review of the state’s liquor laws. With that in mind, take note that Anderson intends to include any and all forms of gambling from pokies to betting and casino style games.

Understand that current records indicate that there are no less than 6,400 licensed premises scattered in and around South Australia. Of these premises, a mere 530 of them hold what are referred to as operational gaming machine licenses.

You can get a better understanding of the motivations behind Anderson’s review if you take a look at a comment form the general manager of the Australian Hotels Association Manager Ian Home. Ian was quoted as saying that what he referred to as “indifference” has resulted in an undeniable deterioration of the industry. Ian went on to say: “…There are potential reforms in the gaming space that can work to strengthen the industry while also improving responsible gaming outcomes.

To ensure that listeners understood the potential ramifications of this review, Ian went on to say: “further inaction will only result in the further deterioration of the hotels and clubs industries which is a dangerous prospect at a time when out state cannot afford to forego any economic opportunity.”

Did you catch it? That big E word in that last statement? Yes, it would seem that without a doubt that a number of South Australian businesses embrace this upcoming review. In a word, it is all about Economic Opportunity. With that in mind, the very next question that most likely pops into your head is what will this mean for online gambling in general?

To be fair, it is too early to make such a forecast. Nevertheless, as you might well expect, there are quite a number of online gambling proponents who see this as a possible step towards fewer online gambling restrictions.