Do Sports Themed Online Pokies Do It For You?

Added: April 14, 2016

That, by the way is no idle question. Not at all. You probably already know full well that Australians are all about sports action. So with that in mind, does it not make sense to take a look around for online pokies that carry the sports theme? Sort of the best of both worlds if you want to consider it that way.

One fact that you will want to make sure you understand is that Microgaming has quite a number of intriguing online pokie games that are based on sports themes. Of course you most likely already know the name Microgaming. After all, Microgaming has established quite the reputation for delivering some of the best online casino games. In fact, head over to top rated online gambling sites all over the world and you will see the Microgaming proudly displayed up front and center.

So back to you and your online pokie play. Following are but a small sample of Microgaming sports themed pokie games for you to enjoy. The first of the Microgaming online pokies is based on the racing theme and shows up with the name First Past the Post. As you can easily guess, this online pokie features three horses that serve as the wild symbols. When you spot three horses lining up together on the reels, that means Free Spins are headed your way. Interestingly, the exact number of Free Spins that show up with your name on them is determined by a virtual horse race.

At the same time, Microgaming delivers a car racing pokie theme. In this online pokie, it is about the Formula 1 season and the Australian Grand Prix. Note that the Microgaming car racing pokie is named Good to Go. Naturally, the symbols you will see on the reels include the likes of cars, drivers, support staff and of course the checkered flag.

Another exciting Microgaming sports themed online pokie is based on the wildly popular game of tennis. This online pokie is named Centre Court. As you should rightly expect, the high paying symbols are of course the tennis players themselves. At the same time, pay attention to that tennis ball symbol as it serves as the trigger to the Free Spins feature.

Another Microgaming sports themed online pokie you deserve to see is about the game of golf. This online pokie is named Argyle Open. Of course the high paying symbols are the golf players themselves. One interesting feature with Argyle Open is the bonus game that shows up on a second screen and you play three srokes on a virtual golf course.

You can plainly see from the above that Microgaming has quite the online casino game selection for the pokie player that is also a fan of sports action.