Earn Up To AU$10,000 With First 10 Deposits

Added: July 9, 2015

Really? Yep, it is true and it’s happening right now at an online casino by the name of Silver Oak Casino. Have you by chance ever heard the name Silver Oak Casino? Perhaps you happened to stop by sometime over the last few years to take a spin? The fact is that Silver Oaks Casino has been around quite a while in the online casino space, being founded back in 2009.

Since that time, Silver Oak has become somewhat known as a “go to” place to get in on the progressive jackpot action. It turns out the Silver Oak Casino has not one, but two different types of progressive jackpots available. As you know full well, progressive jackpot winnings can sometimes reward the lucky winner with a life changing amount of cash.

Anyway, back to Silver Oak Casino. Silver Oak recognizes that beyond a certain number of online casino games, more often than not the online casino player can be turned off by too many choices. You must have seen those online casino sites out there that loudly proclaim 600+ online casino games and counting. Really? So what?

You won’t find any of that nonsense here at Silver Oak Casino. Recognizing full well that enough is enough, Silver Oak Casino has about 150 or so online casino games to choose from. Of course, you will find all of the traditional favorites such as blackjack, video poker, baccarat, carps, roulette and so on. Not to be missed is the generous selection of online pokies to enjoy. Remember, it is at the online pokies that you can get in on the progressive jackpot action.

There’s more. It turns out that Silver Oak Casino has established somewhat of a name for themselves as THE Site for generous promotions. Here’s one that should get your attention: would you believe there is a currently running promotion where you can actually earn up to AU$10,000 free? Now do understand up front, that this AU$10,000 comes to you over a series of your first 10 deposits. Nevertheless, the size and scope of this promotion pretty much puts other so called deposit bonus plans to shame.

Finally, note that Silver Oak Casino is in fact powered by Real Time Gaming. You may not know this, but Real Time Gaming is turning heads all over the online casino world with their stunning graphics and animations.

All things consider, Silver Oak Casino has a lot going on for just about any online casino fan.