For Online Pokie Fans Only

Added: April 7, 2016

If you are any sort of online pokie fan at all you will want to pay very close attention to what you are going to learn here. You see, there is an online pokie game you may not have yet heard about but as soon as you do you will find yourself rushing over to check out for yourself. First of all, you will want to understand that this online pokie just so happens to be the proud creation of none other than Microgaming. As you probably know, Microgaming produces some of the best online casino games found at the best online casinos around the world.

So that is number one. Being a product of Microgaming you already know that the graphics, the animations, and of course the game play will be the very best. Here is another one for you. This online pokie sports 20 possible paylines that shows up as 5 reels and three symbols in sight at all times. Get this: to maximize your possible winnings, this online pokie lets you wager up to 10 coins per payline. If you add them all up you will discover that works out to a max bet of 200 coins. Are you ready for this one? How about the fact that the the payout for five symbols works out to be an incredible 50,000 times the line bet.

That by the way is your clue as to the name of this online pokie which is called Cashville Online Pokie. As you might have already figured out, the theme with Cashville Online Pokie is all about big numbers of dollars. Check out the characters and you will see what this is all about. There is bill Bullion, Dame Von Deeds, Sir Sterling and Betty Boodle. This cast of characters just so happen to be the resident billionaires of Cashville. When any one of these characters make their appearance known on the reels that is a good sign as they are the highest paying symbols. Other symbols that payout but not as much include cigar symbols, precious stone brooch symbols, and pearl necklace symbols.

What you will really appreciate about Cashville Online Pokie is what happens when you score it big with a couple of the billionaire symbols on the reels. Without question, the win animations are a treat to watch.

Bottom line: Cashville Online Pokie is an online pokie worth a spin or two. You can find Cashville Online Pokie at the better Australian online casino sites.