Great Fun, Great Features, Plenty Of Pokie Wins?

Added: February 12, 2015

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. That is exactly what you will discover when you come upon a rather interesting online pokie. This one goes by the name of Alaskan Fishing. Yes, you read that right, the name is Alaskan Fishing. But listen up, this is an online pokie you have to experience for yourself.

First up you want to understand that this online casino game was developed by none other than the World famous Microgaming. As you already know, Micrograming provides top notch online casino games at the best online gambling sites around the world. In other words, you see the name Microgaming, you already know you are in for a good time.

Moving on, let’s take a closer look at this pokie to get a sense of what is going on here. Note that this is a 5 reel online pokie with an incredible 243 paylines. Whereas many other online pokies restrict the number of paylines available, Alaskan Fishing makes all 243 paylines available. This helps you out in the end since it is much more likely you are going to hit that jackpot after all.

The graphics in Alaskan Fishing are top of the line as you would expect in any Microgaming online casino. Here you will quickly spot the themed symbols of a bear, a boat, a bait box, a salmon, a fishing reel and other assorting sports fishing symbols. But that is just the beginnings of the stunning graphics you will encounter. Not to be missed are the built in animations. These animations are triggered after you hit upon a winning combination. For example, after lining up the required number of symbols, one animation features a bear tossing a fish into his mouth.

Of course, just like most online pokies nowadays, there are bonus features with your name on them. These bonuses include both free spins and a bonus game. But get this: these are not your average everyday Free Spins. Nope, not even close. These free spins, which are triggered when you land on 3 or more bait boxes. The result is an immediate win of 15 Free Spins. But hold on, it gets even better. Would you believe that Alaskan Fishing actually doubles any win you have with your free spin?

Wow! As if that wasn’t enough, Alaskan Fishing has another built in way to pay you more. When and if you hit three scatter symbols, the games pays you 5 times your original bet. But get this; that number keeps on growing. Hit four scatter symbols, your win is multiplied by 10, hit 5 scatter symbols and your get is multiplied by 100.

As you can see, Alaskan Fishing has a lot to offer the online pokie fan. Check it out for yourself; you’ll most likely be glad you did.