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Added: March 12, 2015

Have you by chance had the opportunity to take a spin at one of the more exciting online pokies to make its debut? This online pokie goes by the name of Gonzo’s Quest and is all about the quest for riches. In case you may not remember the name, Gonzo’s Quest is based on the ill fated quest of the Spanish Conquistadors of the early 16th century. Specifically, the trials and tribulations of Gonzalo Pizarro, who was searching for the lost city of El Dorado.

Here is what you need to know about this online pokie. Right from the get go there are 20 paylines available. Yet these paylines are not setup in the manner of traditional paylines. Instead, Gonzo’s Quest is programmed with an incredibly high 243 possible ways to win. It works with five fixed wager levels. At these wager levels, you can choose the size of the coin you wish to wager. By giving you the capability to individually select the coin size of the wager you can tailor the game to your budget and still have the 243 possible ways to win working in your favor.

One interesting feature of Gonzo’s Quest you will notice right away is what some are calling its quirky Avalanche reels. Whereas in many online pokies you find out there today the reels simply spin around and around, the reels here drop like a rock. Think dropping something akin to the way the blocks in the game Tetris drop down. Get this; in keeping with this unusual gameplay, when you complete a series of these blocks inline, the blocks vanish the same way they do in Tetris and ones above them fall right down to replace them. Pretty unique, wouldn’t you say?

There’s more. As if the Avalanche style reels weren’t enough, Gonzo’s Quest also includes what it has named Avalanche multipliers. These multipliers are triggered whenever you strike a payline and the symbols disappear. Each and every time this happens, your Avalanche multiplier advances. What this means in practice is that over time, you can win several times in a regular spin with each subsequent Avalanche paying more than the previous one. Get this: this Avalanche effect will keep going on and on until you hit the wall and fail to win.

As you might expect from the above description, Gonzo’s Quest can quickly become almost addictive, especially when you see the Avalanche multipliers start to get larger and larger. All told, Gonzo’s Quest is a top notch online pokie.