How About A Cricket Star Online Pokie?

Added: March 26, 2015

Seriously, that is exactly what is available to you right now. In a nod to the fact that Australia just so happens to be the host for 2015 Cricket World Cup there is a brand new online pokie to both celebrate the event and let online pokie fans take their spin at winning a few bucks.

Truth be told, this new online pokie has been available since early February. Yet it seems that the word has not yet spread, so let’s take a peek and see what is special about this pokie that you should know. Of course the first thing you will want to know is that the name to look out for is Cricket Star. At the moment, you can find Cricket Star on either the Red Flush Casino site or the Red Flush Mobile online casino site.

Right away, you will be blown away by the combination of animations so life like you will swear up and down they are real. Of course, right along with the animations, the next thing you will spot are the extraordinary graphics on display. Yet, perhaps that is not so surprising after all. You see, Cricket Star was designed and developed by Microgaming. You do know the name Microgaming do you not? After all, Microgaming is one of the top online casino software game developers in the world.

On to Cricket Star and the online pokie play. Cricket Star boasts a set of 5 x 3 spinning reels. Naturally your wins are triggered throughout your gameplay once you land on the various symbols. Of course this online pokie being named Cricket Star, the symbols reflect that theme throughout.

Interestingly, with Cricket Star, Microgaming set it up so that there are an incredible 243 separate ways that you could turn out to be a winner. This is in stark contrast to the way traditional online pokies operate so keep that in mind as you place your spins.

Speaking of the gameplay, here is another feature you will want to be on the alert for: Rolling Reels. What is Rolling Reels? Rolling Reels are special reels because they can award you with multiple consecutive wins. This is a feature you really have to experience first hand to really appreciate. Suffice it to say, that when you win your wins could start to pile up.

Bottom line is this: there is a new online pokie out there that you can enjoy today. Remember you can find Cricket Star at Red Flush Casino.