How Do You Pay ?

Added: October 30, 2014

Or better yet, how do you get your winning back from your favorite online casino? As with many things in this modern technological era we are enjoying, new technology brings new payment methods. One of these new payment methods is ideal for the Aussie online casino player.

Long gone are the days when the only way you could even get your deposit into that enticing new online casino offering you were eyeing was to pull out a credit card from your wallet. Or, worse funding your new online casino account with a bank check and then waiting and waiting for the funds to clear and you get the okay to get started with your casino play. How times have changed!

Now, one of the relatively newer kids on the block so to speak is Click2Pay. Click2Pay was designed from its very beginnings to be user friendly. You see, Click2Pay is what is referred to as an eWallet service. It lets you transfer money back and forth between consumers and merchants.

Here’s the unique feature about Click2Pay that you will certainly appreciate. Click2Pay does not require you to prefund the account like some of the older eWallet offerings out there. Instead, Click2Pay is a real time payment transfer system. In other words, money transfers are completed in a single step from one party to another.

There’s more about Click2Pay you will like. Click2Pay transactions are anonymous. Also, you can rest assured that your personal information is completely secure. Best of all setting up a Click2Pay account incurs no setup charges; in other words you can sign up for free. Now that being said, there are of course transaction fees associated with Click2Pay transactions but these fees are pretty much in line with other eWallet services.

Back to your favorite online casino. Now that you know that you can fund just about any online casino with your Click2Pay account you no longer have a reason to delay exploring the world of online gambling. Remember Click2Pay is not tied to any one online casino, once you have setup your account you can take it anywhere you want to go. As a matter of fact, Click2Pay has become so popular it is now accepted in more than 180 countries around the world. Not only that, but Australia is actually one of the largest customer centers for Click2Pay.