Ideal Venue For Australian Online Casino Fans?

Added: April 9, 2015

Well, that would be a pretty tall order, don’t you think? After all, for any online casino out there to quite publicly and boldly proclaim themselves to be the place, the Australian online casino site, well what could that really mean? Either this online casino is full of it and is just looking to grab your attention as you are cruising around the internet. Or, perhaps this one really does have something worth a closer look. How about a peek under the hood? Then you can decide for yourself if there is anything to this claim.

First up, what about deposit bonuses and that sort of thing? Interestingly, this online casino has not one, not two, but three levels of deposit bonuses. The deposit bonuses work as follows: show up as a newbie, raise your hand and let ‘em know you want your 100% deposit bonus match. You are then immediately awarded with up to AU$100 deposit bonus.

Moving up the line, there is another 50% deposit bonus waiting for you with your second real money deposit. Get this: your second deposit bonus is a staggering 200% matching bonus. Now do note that this second deposit bonus is limited to AU$50. But still, pretty good deal wouldn’t you say? Last, but not least there is another welcome bonus available as soon as you make your third real money deposit. This one is also good for a 50% match and is valid all the way up to AU$750. Wow! All these deposit bonuses for a newcomer. What else can you expect here?

As if the welcome bonuses described above were not enough, this Australian online casino also has what can only be described as a fantastic loyalty program. Instead of limits and restrictions like many other online casinos impose on their so-called loyalty plans, here you are credited loyalty points each and every time you play in the real cash mode.

All right, all right. Enough of that, what about the gameplay? As you might expect, any online casino that can offer such extravagant bonus and loyalty plans better have some great online casino games. On this point, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover there are, at last count, more than 600 online casino games to choose from. Everything from top titles such as Game of Thrones, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and much much more to the traditional casino favorites. All of them and more are here waiting for you.

With all of that buildup, have you guessed the name of this ideal Australian online casino yet? If you guessed, Casino Mate, you are exactly right, go straight to the head of the class.