Intriguing Online Casino Table Game You Want To Know About

Added: February 4, 2016

If you have spent any amount of time at various online casinos out there, chances are good that you have encountered one or more variations on the traditional table game of online casino poker. That being said, perhaps there is a variation of online casino poker that you have not yet tried your hand at. This variation on online casino poker is named Let It Ride.

Now understand right up front that you will want to spend a few moments understanding how this variant of online casino poker differs from traditional online casino poker games. First recall how the game play works with the traditional online poker play. You begin your round of poker play by placing your ante wager. Then as additional cards are dealt you can increase your stakes or up your ante as the saying goes or not.

But, get this: Let It Ride online poker play works exactly the opposite. When you begin a round of Let It Ride, you start with your three bets right up front. Then as more cards are revealed you are given the option of holding your position or actually withdrawing your bet.

Here’s how Let It Ride works in the real online casino world. You start your round of Let It Ride by placing three equal wagers. Next you are dealt three cards face up with two more cards dealt to you face down. Before anything else happens you have the option to pull one or more of your wagers. Or you can let all of your bets stay right where they are or as is seen in the name of this online poker game, Let It Ride.

Next up, one of your two face down cards will be turned over. Once again you are faced with the choice of pulling out one of your wagers or Let It Ride. Finally, the last card is revealed and now you find yourself staring down at your full poker hand.

Interestingly you want to also take note of the fact that in Let It Ride there is No Dealer Hand. Instead there is an accompanying payout table right at your side just as you would see in a regular video poker game. From what you have read to this point you can now understand that you make two decisions with Let It Ride online casino poker. Obviously there is an optimum strategy you could bring to bear at each stage.

No matter how you want to look at it, Let It Ride is an interesting take on the traditional online casino poker game.