New Attention On Mobile Online Pokies

Added: October 23, 2015

You must have noticed that there are those in the major media who seem to make a regular habit about the ills of online pokie play. Interestingly, those spouting off seem to get even more vocal when the issue of mobile online pokies are brought up.

Evil, dastardly, no good and worse are the labels thrown about. But is that true? That really should be the questions responsible thinking adults should be asking themselves. You see, the as yet unanswered question is whether or not pokies serve as some sort of drug. The issue is compounded by the seemingly never ending release of new online pokies that work perfectly well on mobile devices. The theory is worded such that mobile online pokies are the cause of gambling addictions.

Instead of just theorizing one way or the other about the question, one professor decided to take a more detailed look. This all came about at the Central Queensland University Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory. It started with Professor Matthew Rockloff and his idea that in terms of mobile pokies, there could actually be two possible effects.

On the one hand, the mobile pokie could turn out to be something like a gateway drug which eventually leads to a gambling addict. Or the mobile online pokie app could end up having no real effect either way. According to Rockloff himself, the ease of access and use could have the effect of framing mobile online pokie play as a ‘normal activity’. In other words, the potential gambling addict could develop a false sense of control over their online pokie play.

But in a surprising twist, researchers at Central Queensland University came up with what looks to be a third alternative. This one suggests that if the online pokies were of the Free To Play variety (meaning no real money is being won or lost either way) then the real world effect could end up actually helping those with gambling problems.

Wow, you see what just happened there? On one hand, online pokies are being soundly criticized. On the other hand, an esteemed research university has suggested that online pokies could actually be used as therapy for gambling addiction.

Now all of the above being said, do understand this is still in the very early stages of discovery. However, this looks to be such an important set of questions to answer that Rockloff and his team have just been handed an AU$200,000 grant to study this issue further.

Well there you go. Bad press aside, your favorite online pokie may be even more useful than you ever imagined.