New Take On Online Pokie GamePlay

Added: December 3, 2015

You have undoubtedly noticed that a good majority of the online pokies that you see out there at most online casino sites pretty much look and act the same. That is to say, the action always seems to be fast and furious. As in spin and lose. Or spin and win. Repeat. No wonder quite a number of online pokie fans sometimes get bored with the whole process.

But, just in time for the end of the year holidays, there is a brand new online pokie about to be unleashed to the world with an entirely new approach. Instead of the traditional fast and furious online pokie play you are already well familiar with, this online pokie is engineered to be almost the complete opposite.

In other words, think more of a calm and peaceful online pokie experience. Yet an online pokie that still delivers the ability to walk away with a nice pile of cash at the end of the day. This online pokie (which has yet to be released, but which is due any day now) is named Serenity. Truth be told, the name may not conjur up visions of exciting online pokie action, but keep in mind that this online pokie promises a whole new online casino experience. Following are the details about Serenity you will want to know.

Serenity shows up with five reels and 15 possible paylines. You will not be surprised to learn that the theme for Serenity is that of a quiet Asian village. Naturally, you will see a quiet river running through the village as well as a bridge, the to be expected village temple as well as exotic foliage in the village gardens. As Serenity is being developed by none other than Microgaming Software you already know that the graphics and animations will be nothing short of stunning.

So that is the setup for Serenity. What about the gameplay? As discussed earlier, this online slot is uniquely designed to offer a better online casino experience. Here’s how this shows up: beneath what looks to be a calm and quiet, almost meditative setting there are quite of number of exciting online slot features. Think bonuses such as scatters, free spins, wilds bonus symbols, a bonus round and even the occasional multiplier.

Truth be told, this new approach to online slot machine game action by Microgaming Software has a lot of potential. Look for Serenity at your favorite online casino in the very near future.