No Wonder This Pokie Is So Popular

Added: December 4, 2014

Just about any Australian online pokie fan knows the name Spin Palace Casino. Over the years, Spin Palace Casino has established themselves as the go to site for all of the best in online pokie action.

And no wonder. Take a look at a new addition to the massive list of online casino action at Spin Palace Casino. It’s called Max Damage and is based on a marriage of Max Damage and Alien Attack arcade games. Max Damage combines the best experiences of the 1980’s arcade game era and delivers it to you in an online pokie. As you might expect for an online pokie based on an arcade game, the action moves pretty fast.

Anyway, the point here is that this new improved version of Max Damage uses the very latest advances from Microgaming. You see, Max Damage makes use of the the widely popular 243-ways format. In case you haven’t had the pleasure of giving the 243-ways format a spin, here is what you need to know. Now do understand, the first time you look at a 243- ways game you may wonder what it is you are seeing. Relax, it’s not so difficult.

You see, instead of wagering on individual paylines, you are actually making a bet that covers all of the 243 possible ways to win. Altough there are some combinations that could result in 243 possibilities, this is not so common an occurrence. Anyway, the point is that you are allowed to bet on all of the possible winning combinations. Not only that, but you also have the option to bet more than one coin per way. Note that this is multiples of the base bet for all ways.

Confused? Look, suffice it to say that once you get into an online pokie setup this way, it will all make sense. Thus, the discussion above about Max Damage. Max Damage is one of these innovative online casino games with the 243 ways built in. Really, you have to experience it for it make sense.

With that being said, remember Spin Palace Casino is one of the top online casinos for the Australian online casino player. Not only are there a wide range of online pokies to choose from, Spin Palace Casino has a history of exciting and innovative promotions that are regularly offered.