Online Casino Sports A Virtual Gaming Floor

Added: June 30, 2016

At first glance that may seem to be somewhat of an unusual claim for just about any online gambling site, that tagline of virtual gaming floor. Yet, you will soon discover that this claim actually makes sense when you understand exactly how this online casino is different from the typical online casino that you are accustomed to visit.

Not only that, you will also learn a few of the reasons why this online casino has been awarded the much coveted ‘Best Casino Award’ for several years running. Start with the fact that of all of the possible online gambling sites you have to choose from, this casino has been around for a while. A while as first opening its online doors to casino players way back in the late 90’s. You may well recall that the late 90’s were the beginning of the rise in popularity of the much touted World Wide Web.

The point of all that is to remind you that any online gambling site that has not only survived for this long must be doing something right. That something right can be seen right away in the casino software company chosen to build out the online casino games. That software company is a Canadian company by the name of Cryptologic.

Here’s the exciting part. Cryptologic has established somewhat of a reputation for designing some of the best online casino front ends to be seen anywhere. Here’s what that means in practice. Show up and you have two easy choices to make.

You can choose your favorite online casino game from the menu that is prominently displayed. Or, if you really want to take advantage of the Cryptologic design you simply venture out to the virtual gaming floor.

On this virtual gaming floor you have the choice of all of the traditional table games that you would rightly expect at any online gambling site. At the same time, you will also spot quite a number of the best online slot machine games ready and waiting for you to hit the spin button. The ‘wow’ factor that many fans point to is that all you have to do is click on the game of your choice on this virtual floor and you are off.

Have you figured out the name of the online casino discussed above? The correct answer is Intercasino. You can see from the above that Intercasino is designed so that you have the very best online gambling experience possible.