Online Pokie Breaks World Record

Added: October 27, 2016

If you are any sort of fan of online pokie action at all you are well acquainted with the term progressive jackpot. As you know, the excitement with your pokie play is only enhanced by the possibility of always being but one lucky spin away from a life changing jackpot. To that end, one rather lucky pokie player recently experienced this first hand.

In case you missed the press release, one online casino player just scored a jackpot. A jackpot that is in fact so massive that this jackpot shatters any jackpot winnings amount to date. How large was the jackpot? Are you ready for this one? Think AUD$ 11,825,439. That’s right, not one million, but incredibly an AUD$11 million jackpot. Talk about your lucky spins.

At this point, chances are you are asking yourself which online pokie was this casino player happened to be enjoying when the lucky reel combination made its appearance. Perhaps you will not be so surprised to learn that the record setting jackpot was triggered with gameplay at none other than Mobile Mega Moolah.

Whether or not you have enjoyed taking a spin or two at Mega Moolah, chances are you have at least come across that name before. With that in mind, you may be interested to learn that Mega Moolah has been rather generous to pokie players hailing from Australia. How generous? Try this number on for size. How about an incredible AUD$ 800 million in winnings from the progressive jackpots associated with Mega Moolah.

Take a look at the sort of online pokie action available with Mega Moolah. First, take note of the fact that Mega Moolah is the proud creation of Microgaming. You may be familiar with the name Microgaming as this casino software company engineers some of the top rated online casino games found at the best online gambling sites around the world.

Mega Moolah shows up as a 5 reel video pokie with not one, but four separate jackpots. These pokie jackpots are named the small Mini, the Minor, the Major and the Mega. For the record, the record setting jackpot mentioned above was scored on the Mega progressive jackpot. As you might well expect, news of such a massive win prompts quite a bit of attention to this online casino game.

Perhaps it is time for you to take a spin or two at Mega Moolah at your favorite online gambling site. After all, you just read about one casino player who profited rather nicely from his gameplay.