Online Pokie Insider Tips

Added: January 29, 2015

Of course, like everyone else out there in the online casino world, you are constantly on the look out for the best tips, the winning strategies, any sort of inside edge to come out ahead of the game. Yet more often than not, it is actually the wisdom from yesteryear that proves most successful in the long run. In other words, instead of looking for the latest and greatest winning technique, what if you took a moment to look in the rear view mirror to determine what worked in the past?

One example that proves this to be true is in the world of the online pokie. Believe it or not, many of the tips and strategies derived from the traditional pull the lever and pray pokies in land based casinos still work.

Start with you and your approach to your online pokie play. Do you in fact even know where to start? Seriously, although this seems like an elementary question, it could in fact determine how much or how little you end up with at the end of the day. Are you ready?

Here is is: the first and most basic step is to take the time to educate yourself on which of the online pokies you have the best statistical chance of winning. Here’s an insider tip for you: if you are new to the world of Australian online pokies, a very good place to start is with those online pokies that either have their own progressive jackpot or they are part of a progressive jackpot network.

At the same time, you also want to only ever engage with those online pokies with the best possible range of payouts. Here’s a real world example to bring this home to you. An online pokie that has a minimum wager of AU$5.00 will offer better payouts than a comparable pokie with a minimum of AU$1.00. Yes, it is true, when you lose, you lose more per spin. Yet, this is made up for by the fact that the payouts are that much larger.

By the way, should you happen to trigger one of those massive progressive jackpots, you will never look back. What if you were the one with the AU$5.00 spin that triggered the AU$150,000.00 jackpot?

Another thing to be aware of is that you only ever want to play online pokies with a high Return To Player Rate. Translation: a high Return To Player Rate means you are more likely to come out ahead.

As you can see, winning at online pokies is not so strange after all. Some basic strategies as discussed above is a good place to start.