Online Pokie Strategy Wisdom

Added: January 1, 2015

You have to have seen them popping up somewhere in your surfing all over the Internet. This site or that site is promising a new, can’t fail to win at your online pokie. Is there any truth to these claims? Are there in fact strategies or tips you can use to come out ahead with your online pokie games.

Uh, hmmm, not so much. Sad to say, but the perhaps uncomfortable reality is there is no such thing. Many of these so called winning pokie strategies are like the snake oil salesman of yesteryear. You see the truth is that many of these so called miracle solutions are based on nothing more than myths or even outright superstitions.

Consider an extreme example if you will. Suppose, with very good salesmanship some fella online or offline, it doesn’t even matter for this example, convinced you to part with AU$19.95 for the Can’t Fail Pokie Winning Solution. Excitedly you open up the “manual” and it told you to only spin with your left hand, unless it was a full moon. In that case, you can use your right hand, but only if you put your left hand on your right ear. You see how ridiculous some of these things can be?

That being said, there really are some common sense pokie play tips that can and do apply to you. These tips cannot improve your odds at winning. Remember all of the pokies out there are designed with fixed payouts. These payouts range from 95 to 97 percent. The point being, there is nothing you can do on your end to up your chances of winning.

With that in mind, take a look at one tip, actually a bit of common sense wisdom that you can apply to your online pokie play. (Note, as you know common sense wisdom is not so common as is commonly believed, thus we need to be reminded sometimes.)

Only ever play as long as you are having fun. Never ever put yourself in the position of playing to make up a loss. Clue: it seldom if ever works out that way. More often than not, you can end up even further down. How to tell if that’s where you are? Ask yourself if you are feeling frustrated or even tired of playing. If you experience either one of these, step away. Hey look, your favorite online pokie will still be there tomorrow. Go ahead and call it a day.