Online Pokie With Serious Winning Potential

Added: February 16, 2017

Talk about the best of both worlds. Imagine this; what if you could combine some of the most exciting pokie action to be had with what looks to be some rather serious winning potential? Well that would surely be worth a closer look, don’t you agree?

As a savvy online casino player, you probably know full well the first clue as to the sort casino game experience you can expect from any new pokie is the casino software company that crafted the game. In this case, that casino software company is Topgame. Truth be told, that name Topgame may not in fact be one you are familiar with.

For the record, Topgame is a Dutch based casino software development company that first appeared on the scene back in 2007. Although, Topgame is not so popular as the more prominent casino software companies such as Playtech, NetEnt and the like, the online pokies are most definitely top notch.

Back to the pokie being discussed here today, that of Mighty Kong. Naturally you can readily guess that the theme with this online pokie is all about the rather out-sized ape of the same name. Also pay attention to the backdrop that includes an astounding waterfall that will certainly capture you attention as well as the surroundings of a wild and exotic jungle.

Note that Mighty Kong shows up as 5 reel pokie with no less than 50 possible paylines. Note that the serious winning potential hinted at above with Mighty Kong can be seen in the Bonus Round. When you happen to trigger the Bonus Round, you are awarded with no less than 4 Free Spins. Best of all, each of these Free Spins includes a multiplier of various sizes.

Get this; Mighty Kong is rather unique in that it is setup so that you can chose among four different strategies to play. You see, when the Bonus Round shows up, you can choose from 40 Free Spins with a 1x multiplier, 13 Free Spins with a 13x multiplier, 8 Free Spins with a 5x multiplier or 5 Free Spins with a 8x multipliers. Rather unique in terms of pokie action wouldn’t you say?

Naturally, there is quite a bit more to the pokie action action associated with Mighty Kong. From the micro wagering adjustments that you can set before every spin, to the visually stunning graphics to customization options for Free Spins, Mighty Kong is an online pokie you must see for yourself.