Online Pokie You Have To See To Believe

Added: November 3, 2016

As you are about to discover for yourself, there are online pokie games and then again there are online pokies that go on to become the top choice. By the looks of things, a relatively new online pokie is on track to become that sort of casino game. Of course, you have noticed that a recent trend is that the most pokie games more often than not are centered around popular entertainment themes.

That is certainly true with the pokie bearing the name Game of Thrones. Naturally, any sort of casino game that even dares to promise to deliver an unforgettable experience that you would quite naturally expect from a casino game that dares to use such a wildly popular entertainment theme such as Game of Thrones must have figured something out. The something that combines the best of the Game of Thrones theme combined with unforgettable and can’t wait to come back for more casino experience.

How about a closer look at the Game of Thrones pokie? Start with the fact that this pokie mirrors the Game of Thrones theme. For example, there are the 7 kingdoms to explore. Even better, each and every one of the 7 kingdoms provides Free Spins based on the House names. In addition, be on the lookout for the bonus game. Note that it is only with the award of the bonus game that you become aware that there is a Game of Thrones trail map for you to follow for even greater prize amounts.

Interestingly, the Game of Thrones pokie was designed by none other than Microgaming. Actually that makes perfect sense since the fact of the matter is that Microgaming has established quite a reputation over the years for delivering best in class online casino games. As you probably know, Microgaming casino games are found in the best online gambling sites all over the world.

One feature with the Game of Thrones pokie you will want to pay close attention to is the choice of paylines. That is to say, before you hit the Spin button, you will want to decide if you want to go for as few as 15 possible paylines or if you want to go all the way and wager on the 243 possible paylines. At the same time, note that the coin demoninations range from as little as 1c to 10c per payline. On the other end, that means you can win up to no less than 10,000 coins.

All things consider, Game of Thrones pokie is the sort of online casino game you simply must see for yourself.