Progressive Pokies Need To Know Basics

Added: August 6, 2015

Heads up. If you are any sort of online pokie fan at all you will want to pay close attention to what follows. Consider this to be your quick reference guide to progressive jackpots.

First, start with a basic working definition so that everyone here is on the same page. What is a progressive jackpot anyway? A progressive jackpot pokie is in fact a pokie in which there is no cap. That is to say there is no limit on the size of the top payout. Whereas in fixed jackpots you will see numbers such as AU$25,000, there is no such limit with progressive jackpots. In other words, nobody knows how high the next progressive jackpot is going to be.

Next up you will want to understand what it takes to hit that progressive jackpot. At this point, make sure that you note that each and every online casino site you visit has their own policies regarding progressive pokies. In other words, you need to read the fine print. This fine print will most often show up in one of two ways that the progressive jackpot is triggered.

The first method is when you happen to hit five (or more, depending on the number of reels in the pokie you are playing) of a specific symbol. For example, in the extremely popular Aussie pokie by the name of Beach Life, the progressive jackpot is triggered when you land five sun symbols on the 20th payline. Got it? Good, let’s keep going.

The second method for triggering a progressive jackpot is when the pokie is setup to reward the jackpot at random after any spin. In other words, at any point in your pokie play, you could suddenly and without warning hit the progressive jackpot. Note that there are quite a few online pokies out there with this sort of progressive jackpot triggering that have multi-level progressive jackpots.

Finally, there is one more thing you need to understand about progressive jackpots. That is to do with the amount of the payout and the frequency of the win. You see, there are some progressive jackpots that quite regularly pay out in the millions. But, these jackpots are not actually hit that often. On the other hand there are progressive jackpots that payout on a more frequent basis but the payout amounts are significantly smaller.

Did you get all of that? Feel free to print this one out and post it by your computer if need be so you will be up to speed on progressive jackpots.