Revival Of Favored Brand For Australian Online Casino Players

Added: February 9, 2017

If you have been and around the online gambling world for any length of time at all you will quickly recognized the name Centrebet. For the record, Centrebet was a favorite online sports betting portal. Then, suddenly and without any sort of warning to its fairly large Aussie online gambling customer base, the Centrebet brand was in essence, put to rest.

You see, unbeknown to the Aussie sports betting crowd, Centrebet which at the time was owned by Sportingbet, was taken over by the behemoth online gambling giant William Hill from the U.K. As part of that takeover, William Hill folded the Centrebet brand into a new Aussie only online gambling platform by the name of William This consolidation of brands so to speak, was put in place so that William Hill could consolidate all of its Australian operations under one corporate presence.

It turns out there was one major flaw with this plan that was put in place back in late 2013. Apparently no one at William Hill considered the need to query the actual Aussie online casino fan about this consolidation. As you might expect, this oversight resulted in droves of these customers to move on to other online gambling sites. After all, keep in mind this was in no uncertain terms a forced migration.

All of that being said, it would seem that someone in corporate headquarters at William Hill has finally noticed the consequences of this forced migration. To it’s credit, by the looks of things, William Hill is on a new mission to recapture those former Centrebet fans.

How so? Get this: William Hill is bringing back the Centrebet brand. Yes, you read that correctly. Centrebet is back. Interestingly, along with the announcement that Centrebet is now back, William Hill is carefully repositioning Centrebet as the online portal for what it refers to as the “serious” sports betting fan. As such, the new and improved William Hill Centrebet sport betting portal is touting the best prices to be had on AFL,NRL, NBA, NFL, Grand Slam Tennis as well as Big Bash Cricket.

Take a look at the comment by none other than the CEO of William Hill Australia, Tim Waterhouse who was quoted as saying: “This is a great day for the Australian punter and for betting. Centrebet is the only option for all punters who want the best price and the only place the professionals can place a big bet.”

Well there you go. Back by popular demand. The long favored Centrebet online sportsbook is now back and coming on strong.