Roulette Added By Popular Demand

Added: July 23, 2015

Naturally you most likely are familiar at least somewhat with the game of Roulette. What’s new is that one of the most favored online casinos for South Africans just recently added in a new roulette game. New, in this case refers to the fact that this roulette game is based on the European version of Roulette.

For the record, the game of roulette came about in 17th century France where it was invented. However, you may or may not know that there are actually two popular versions of roulette played around the world. There is the traditional version referred to as the European version. The European version of roulette has but a single Zero. Contrast that with the American version of roulette which was invented in Las Vegas. The American game of roulette actually has another zero, or a double zero. Interestingly, if you take the time to investigate this a bit deeper you will quickly discover that this double zero actually provides an edge to the house.

In other words, over the long run, over hundreds, if not thousands of spins of the roulette wheel, the house will win out. Contrast that with the European version which has no double zero. For this reason, many online casino players actually prefer the European version. The thinking is that with the European version, the online casino player actually has a bit better odds of winning.

So that is the backstory, now back to the point of this update. A new European roulette game was only recently added to the online game inventory over at Springbok Casino. Speaking out on this issue, casino manager Daniel van Wyk had this to say: “a lot of people believe that bigger wins are more likely in European roulette.” At the same time, Daniel let on that the American versions of roulette get a fair amount of play also.

Actually, it turns out the Springbok has five different versions of roulette available for play. Of course you already know the name Springbok Casino. Springbok Casino continues to be one of the most popular online casino sites for South Africans. And why not? Springbok Casino is constantly adding new and exciting online casino games for their fan base.

If for some reason you have not stopped by Springbok Casino as of late, now you have a new reason. Take your spin at the new European roulette game. Perhaps you too could walk away with a generous win.