Taking A Spin At Mr.Cashback

Added: March 5, 2015

Have you by chance taken advantage of the opportunity to take a spin at an online pokie by the name of Mr. Cashback? If not, read on to discover what you have in store for you when you do happen upon this innovative online pokie.

Start with the money. After all, at the end of the day at least some part of your online pokie play is about the chance of you winning the big one right? So with that in mind, rest assured that Mr. Cashback has that one covered, and in a big way. You see, Mr. Cashback lives up to its name with some hefty top level payouts.

As far as the gameplay, following is what you need to know. There are five reels with 15 paylines. The paylines available for you to choose from range from AU$0.01 to AU$1.00. Note that you have the choice to wager on up to 10 coins on each and every payline. From there, you have the option to bet from AU$0.15 to AU$150 per spin. In other words, no matter how big or how small your wagering budget happens to be, there is a wagering option here for you.

Another interesting feature of Mr. Cashback shows up like this: if you spin and spin and spin again without winning, Mr. Cashback will take care of you. If it ends up that you go for 50 consecutive spins and still have not won a round, Mr. Cashback steps up and hands you a 50X payout as a bonus. The effect of this is to virtually eliminate the frustration of long losing streaks.

As you might expect with such a name as Mr. Cashback, the theme of this online pokie is related to banking. For example, the Mr. Cashback symbol itself is a wild. Check this out: when you happen to trigger five of these Mr. Cashback symbols on an activated payline will award you a massive 7,500 times payout.

There’s more. It turns out that there are lots of three figure and two figure wins available also. Yet the fact remains that there is what looks to be a wide gap between the top winnings available and the next tier down the line.

All the same, Mr. Cashback is an exciting online pokie. There are generous win opportunities with an exciting arrangement of online pokie gameplay action features. All in all, Mr. Cashback is an online pokie that you will want to check out for yourself.