What Does The Pokies Firm Ainsworth Know?

Added: January 8, 2015

Of course you know the name Ainsworth. Headquartered in Newington, Ainsworth Game Technology is a world leader in the development and production in gaming machines and related equipment. If you have ever ventured into a land based casino, you may have seen a few of their branded products such as the A560, the Ambassador as well as the Celebrity. Ainsworth also produces standalone progressives as well as linked games.

Having been around the gambling industry since 1995, Ainsworth has most likely picked up on a few things in the market. Thus when Ainsworth suddenly announces a major, meaning big money investment, into the world of online social casinos you are naturally curious as to what this is all about. Note that as of right now, the majority of online social casinos do not in fact take real money wagers.

Yet that is not stopping Ainsworth from this latest deal. The CEO of Ainsworth, Danny Gladstone made it clear that the company could no longer sit back and ignore the fast growing social gaming market. Some estimates point to the social gaming market to be worth an astronomical $5 Billion in just three short years.

To date, Ainsworth has already entered into a joint venture with a social gaming operator and developer. This joint venture, scheduled to be released in January will put Ainsworth into the Players Paradise casino. There’s more. Ainsworth also made it clear there is already a second social casino in the works. This second social casino is being planned from the beginning to provide customized mobile device and tablet offerings.

So naturally the question on everyone’s mind is what is this really all about. Do the top execs at Ainsworth have access to some info about online casino action in the near future? Perhaps there is some insight to be gained from a comment by Len Ainsworth. Len was quoted as saying that online gaming was the greatest change in the sector he had witnessed, both real money casinos and social casino gaming. He continued by saying that the proliferation of social networks has created massive user bases in the social casino segment. This massive user base could provide a gateway to the real money gaming.

Aha! There you have it. An end play if you will. So Ainsworth is getting in now to tap into the massive user base that engage in social casino actions. Then he can target that group to convert them into real money casinos.