What’s This About An Online Gambling Tax?

Added: July 21, 2016

Did you happen to catch the story about what is being considered behind closed doors in the Australian state of South Australia? The story that first popped up on Australian Broadcasting Corporation about a proposed tax on online gambling sites, specifically online sports betting sites?

If not, or even if you did, you may well want to keep reading since the fact of the matter is that this tax may be headed to your favorite online gambling site, like it or not. It goes without saying, that it is most often rather difficult to find a tax that a politician does not like. You can readily understand, that if this sort of thing makes its way all the way through to full passage, you can easily imagine other jurisdictions following along and enacting similar legislation.

Take a look at the comments from none other than the Treasurer of South Australia himself. Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis was quoted as saying that: “the betting industry is rapidly changing and our tax regime needs to change with it. If betting companies are making profits from South Australian punters they should be paying tax in South Australia, not in whichever jurisdiction their head office and servers happen to be located.”

Wow, that’s a biggie. Or is it? Take a closer look at the issue behind the issue and you may actually welcome this sort of push towards taxation. Truth be told, you really don’t have to look much further than the U.K. to see how this thing serves to further the expansion of online casino action.

If you have not been following along, all you really need to understand is that not so long ago, U.K. officials decided to be proactive about online gambling sites and online casino action. Recognizing that the populace was clearly finding their way to online gambling sites anyway, the U.K. legislators decided that instead of attempting to thwart this sort of activity, they chose instead to legalize and regulate online gambling site activity.

The result is a clear example of how legalized online casino action serves both sides. The online casino player from the U.K. can be more confident that the favorite online casino is regulated so that the games are fair, the payouts are tested, that sort of thing. At the same time, the U.K. treasury profits from regulatory fees and such.

So what does this mean for the Australian online casino fan? Perhaps this is the beginning of a new push for the expansion of online casino action.