Would You Think Wimbledon When Choosing An Online Pokie?

Added: July 30, 2015

Well why not? After all. Wimbeldon is somewhat of a big event. Wimbledon actually gets worldwide attention each and every year. So with that in mind, what if there turned out to be an intriguing new online pokie that is based on Wimbledon? Actually, there is such an online pokie and as you might well expect it is provided by none other than Microgaming. As you already know, Microgaming provides top of the line online casino software for the best online gambling sites around the world.

So what is this new pokie all about? First up, understand that the name of this new pokie is Center Court. For those of you keeping score, the name is derived from the center court at Wimbledon. In case you are not a tennis fan, suffice it to say that the center court is in fact the location in which the finals are played.

In keeping with this Wimbledon theme, the new online pokie Center Court shows up as a green screen, right in line with the grass courts. Center Court is a 5 reel online pokie with 9 paylines available for you to win. As you might well expect with this theme, you will find symbols such as tennis balls, trophies, the match point logo as well as four tennis player demonstrating assorted tennis strokes.

Interestingly, the playing card icons from the number 10 through the Ace also display tennis accessories such as ball, cap and even wrist bands. More importantly for your online pokie play, you will want to note that it is the trophy symbol itself that is the wild symbol. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the tennis ball itself serves as the scatter symbol. Naturally, there are accompanying sound tracks to match your pokie play. For example, listen out for the thunderous applause when you in fact line up the reels for a winning combination.

Another point you will want to note is that you have the ability to enable any number of paylines. For maximum wins, most of the time you will want to go ahead and enable all nine of the paylines. Along with nine paylines, note that your wager amounts can range from as little as 0.01 per coin all the way up to 0.25. Not only that, you can actually wager up to 10 coins per payline.

As you can plainly see from the above, Microgaming has done it yet again, delivered an enticing new online pokie. Check out Center Court for yourself and enjoy your online pokie play.